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Filth - Prey.ans by filth412 Filth - Prey.ans :iconfilth412:filth412 3 2 717 Amish.ans by filth412 717 Amish.ans :iconfilth412:filth412 0 1 Filth - Camp.ans by filth412 Filth - Camp.ans :iconfilth412:filth412 4 0 Filth - Jsxhc.ans by filth412 Filth - Jsxhc.ans :iconfilth412:filth412 1 0 Filth - Tiadaghton.ans by filth412 Filth - Tiadaghton.ans :iconfilth412:filth412 1 0 Filth - Amish.bin by filth412 Filth - Amish.bin :iconfilth412:filth412 2 0 Fil-gbu1.ans by filth412 Fil-gbu1.ans :iconfilth412:filth412 2 0 Fil-bot.ans by filth412 Fil-bot.ans :iconfilth412:filth412 1 0 Ansi Star Wars We-oona.ans@2x by filth412 Ansi Star Wars We-oona.ans@2x :iconfilth412:filth412 1 1 Ansi Star Wars Fil-xoxo.ans@2x by filth412 Ansi Star Wars Fil-xoxo.ans@2x :iconfilth412:filth412 1 0 Ansi Star Wars Fil-annie.ans by filth412 Ansi Star Wars Fil-annie.ans :iconfilth412:filth412 1 0 Ansi Star Wars Fil-rojo.ans by filth412 Ansi Star Wars Fil-rojo.ans :iconfilth412:filth412 1 0 Fil-meep.ans@2x by filth412 Fil-meep.ans@2x :iconfilth412:filth412 2 2 Fil-blow.ans@2x by filth412 Fil-blow.ans@2x :iconfilth412:filth412 1 0  01 Calendar 2017 January By Filth.ans by filth412 01 Calendar 2017 January By Filth.ans :iconfilth412:filth412 0 1 Fil-tunes.ans@2x by filth412 Fil-tunes.ans@2x :iconfilth412:filth412 2 0


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Filth - Prey.ans
Some kids grow up playing sports, building cars, being bullies. Me and some of my adolescent friends got into computers and early 90's modem 'activities'. This is just a tribute to the BBS one of my good pals growing up ran back in the day, The Plateau. 
717 Amish.ans
This is the .nfo file from our illustrious AMiSH release. The top half farming wonderland font is by me. Written and illustrated by my old-school ansi pal, Misfit. If you know where to find ansi/textmode art packs be sure to check out the whole release! 
Filth - Camp.ans
When you're doing art from the sticks, might as well tell a camp story!
Filth - Jsxhc.ans
This is a shout-out to all my friends (the bulldog was our school mascot in Jersey Shore, PA) growing up in a small rural town and finding punk rock. 
Filth - Tiadaghton.ans
Technically a .bin ANSI (160 columns wide instead of the standard 80). Tho it was once shunned to suggest viewing ansi in vga (hirez) mode, this most definitely looks better smaller. This is a famous spot from my hometown of Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania - The Tiadaghton Elm


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Joshua Hillyard
United States
To 'deviate' from a lot of art on deviant art I thought I'd try to stick out by using this solely for my ANSI (textmode) art.
ANSI is basically one of the earliest forms of PC/DOS graphics used back in ancient times when we had things called 'external modems' we used to tie up our phone lines as teenagers calling Bulletin Board Systems (pre-internet).

Basically, ANSI was one of the earliest forms of digital online artwork/advertising.

The bulk of my artwork on here originates from the ANSI group I'm a member of called Blocktronics. If you like what I do, then you most definitely need to check out the rest of my pals in the group.

And it's not just us! The ANSI/textmode scene is still around! Only now, it's refined. And I'm only the tip of the iceberg of what others are creating in various textmode groups that include ASCII/PETSCII/AMIGA and other old-school jams!

Check out other textmode artists and groups at these wonderful sites dedicated to keeping the underground art scene alive:


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Ratjuice88 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Cool work yo
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That pixel art that you are concurring up is amazing!!
I especially loved the one that I fav'd!!!
enzo Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013
Howdy, Filth, the Destroyer!

Awesome gallery, bro!